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  • China National Building Materials Federation System 2013 focus work deployment meeting


    On the morning of February 21st, China Building Materials Federation held a 2013 key work deployment meeting in Beijing. Chairman of the China Federation of Building Materials Mr. Qiao Longde, Party Committee Secretary, Executive Vice President Sun Xiangyuan, Vice President Xu Yongmo, Chen Guoqing, Ye Xiangyang, Secretary General Zhang Dongzhuang and heads of various departments of the Federation, Secretary General of the professional associations, directly subordinate to Beijing Nearly 100 people in charge of the unit participated in the work deployment meeting.

    The meeting was presided over by Xu Yongmo, vice chairman of the China Construction Materials Federation. Sun Xiangyuan, party committee secretary and executive vice president of the China Construction Materials Federation, deployed this year's work from 16 aspects. In the end, President Joe Longde made an important speech.

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